Rescue 1122 Abbottabad Conducts Mock Exercise


    Rescue 1122 Abbottabad Conducts Mock Exercise

    [Rescue 1122 Abbottabad Conducts Mock Exercise]

    District Emergency Officer Rescue 1122 Abbottabad Ghayur Mushtaq conducted second mock exercise at Galiyat to assess the preparations, and to handle any emergency situation effectively.

    DEO Rescue 1122 Ghayur Mushtaq while talking to PTI SMT after mock exercise said that Rescue 1122 Abbottabad is fully prepared 24/7 to deal with any emergency or disaster, and to help the people of Abbottabad in any emergency situation.

    The guests on the ocassion observed the mock exercise in Galiyat and expressed their satisfaction with the arrangements and on Rescue 1122 Abbottabad performance and their professionalism.
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