KP Government Launches “Good Citizen Initiative


    KP Government Launches “Good Citizen Initiative

    KP Government Launches “Good Citizen Initiative”.
    Regular speeches and skits on topics of ethics have been started in schools during their assemblies.

    Good Citizen Initiative (GCI) to ensure ‘ethical, informed and participatory citizenry’ with a special emphasis on the provision of moral education to schoolchildren.

    It will be followed by the Good Citizen Corps (GCC) at college level and postgraduate internship programme in all annual development programme projects.

    The initiative has been divided into three phases.

    The first phase is about the provision of theoretical knowledge regarding civic and ethics for sensitising students to ethical issues, civic duties and their role in society to help them become responsible citizens.

    Directives have already been issued to all public sector educational institutions for holding regular speeches and skits on the topics of ethics during their morning assemblies.

    In the second phase, the GCC will replace the National Cadet Course at college level. Under it, college students will be required to undergo a 21-day course, which includes working at blood donation camps, hospitals and social welfare department.

    In the third phase, the government will provide students with internships in all ADP projects whereby they will be trained in specific areas to enable them to find employment.