Chairman PTI Imran Khan Speech in Malakwal Mandi Bahauddin


Chairman PTI Imran Khan Speech Malakwal Mandi Bahauddin

Addressing a huge jalsa at Pind Makko, Imran Khan warmly welcomed former PPP leader Nadeem Afzal Chan for joining PTI. Imran Khan said that the PPP had moved far away from the Bhuttoism’s ideals.

Chairman Imran Khan also suggested that time will tell that Nadeem Afzal Chan’s inclusion to PTI will benefit the area, local politics and national politics.

Imran Khan once again criticized politicians involved in corruption and reciting fake promises in front of public. Rich political families have made it difficult for the farmers to live honorably. He also reiterated that PTI Government will stand with the farmers

In his speech Chairman PTI Imran Khan said the concept of a welfare state originated from the Madina state and the PTI was following the same mission, adding that his party would make Pakistan a welfare state working for the prosperity for the common people.

He also congratulated people of Malakwal, Mandi Bahauddin for Nadeem Afzal Chan’s decision to join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Inaf

In his address, Chan said the Sharif brothers had occupied the Punjab for the last 35 years and only Imran could end the occupation. “We are with Imran in his Jihad against Nawaz. No one except Imran can send Nawaz to jail and that is why I support him unconditionally,” he said. He said his ideology was to serve the people, not blindly imitating the party leaders.

Chan said he remained committed to Bhuttoism, “but if the PPP’s ideology is now Sharjeel Memon (a PPP leader facing corruption charges) then I am better without it”. Separately, Imran in a video message advised all his workers to dash to the Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore on April 29 along with their friends and relatives. He said he would share the details of his dream of a new Pakistan during the rally.